The Reason We Hope

The Reason We Hope

As we start planning for Christmas, I thought I'd share the next evolution of the Advent Coloring Calendar!

Many of you are familiar with the back-story: When my boys were small, I wanted a way to keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus (minimizing candy & toys), so I pulled out the freezer paper and drew out a manger scene with numbers 1-25 scattered throughout, ending on the baby in the manger. Then we hung it on our sliding door, at kid-height. Each day we colored in another character, and talked about the gift of Christmas.

Long story short, a few years ago I started printing them. Last year, took a leap and sold them. Well, I saved all the money from the effort and this year, I felt I heard God saying, "*I* am the reason for the season"...I told him I'd take last year's earnings, reprint the posters and come up with a way to gift *his* best news. I have 300 posters with instructions (picking up today).

I have a few distro ideas already in the works, but I thought I'd offer it to my social friends too. Wanna Grace Bomb people this season by giving out posters? I've already donated about 100 to two local churches...It would be a fun thing to do in November.

One poster is 15.5x24" and would be good for a family, all the kids taking turns.
Any donations will be saved for reprints.

 Finished Advent Coloring Calendar
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