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Welcome to LitzArt, a curated collection of colorful, high-quality artwork, each one a testament to my deep love of creation and the Creator. Many are inspired by my family's tropical experience living in Hawaii-- from the flowers, to the rainforests, and all the wonders of the ocean.

Ask about  "House Portraits," commissioned artwork that celebrates family history and all the memories made along the way.


Marnie Litz

I'm Marnie Litz, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to LitzArt. I pour my passion into creating stunning artwork and delivering top-notch graphic design services. I’d love to share a snapshot of my artistic journey with you.


The LitzArt Story

One thing about being the oldest of a military family, you learn to love adventure. Whether it is jumping into life at a new duty station, learning to love new friends, homes, and schools, or finding all of that in the pages of a great book—never knowing what was around the corner came to be a kind of game, one that was safe to play knowing our family was always there to support us. My mom made sure we knew no matter where we built our house, we were always safe because our foundation was solid and immovable. And then she told us a story…

From the day we’re born, our parents use stories to unpack ideas we are meant to think about. They answer questions: who, what, when, where, why, how much…questions we start asking as soon as we can talk. They take what we experience, then compare and contrast to begin to reveal an answer. Our challenge is making sure the storyteller is trustworthy. To be trustworthy, we need to know the truth. But that’s a discussion for another time.

My memories are mixtures of Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Texas…But mostly, my heart is in Hawaii where I learned about and experienced a culture that was both new and ancient—all exciting, and all wonderfully made. 

Before there were iPads and laptops, there were these low-tech things called “notebooks.” Paired with a pencil, notebooks were key to documenting what was in our heads.  As we traveled, so did my notebook, and the blank pages began to fill up.  I found myself drawing everything I saw, trying to copy as best I could, which then morphed into combining elements into new ideas. 

Luckily, I had (and still have, thank goodness) a mom who knew what it was like to want to try new things. All along the way, we created.  Flour, sugar, eggs, felt, glue, paint, thread, fabric– the ingredients changed with the recipes, but all were driven by a need to make something wonderful– and to see what could happen if we followed our wonder.

So, armed with a love of stories and creating things, I began studying Communications/Public Relations in college. I learned how to write articles and to share stories. Halfway through school, I got brave and took a shot at applying to the Art school. I ended up with a minor in art!  It was the perfect combination, of writing and what ended up being graphic design.  At the time it seemed like an odd pairing, Public Relations, and graphic design…usually those were separate fields.  But while I was busy at school, the internet was taking root, and by the time I graduated, websites were becoming more accessible. Desktop publishing was becoming a thing.  Writing and graphic design were now linked for everyone, and when I look back, I see that God took care of me– again.

My career has been spent writing about who people are, how they work, and why they do what they do. I’ve worked for big consulting firms, boutique firms, and tech companies.  I’ve worn many hats–marketing, communications, and graphic design–but I think I like the term Creative Strategist best. Each experience has shaped my approach to visual storytelling, and I'm grateful for the experiences, recognition, and awards along the way.

Now, as the creative director of LitzArt, I get to focus my creative passion on making original artwork in all kinds of media. From fine art to computer-based artwork, to crafty custom tote bags and accessories, I bring a touch of artistry and creativity to everything. One thing I love painting is home portraits–cherished mementos of special places in people’s lives.

I'm excited to share my art journey and welcome you to take a look around. Let's begin a colorful and imaginative adventure together!

Inspiration to Art

Take a peek inside the LitzArt studio where every piece begins with a spark of inspiration that becomes a beautiful painting. Many of Marnie's designs are embellished with raised gold leaf, creating added depth and interest. If you are interested in museum-quality prints of Marnie's originals, click the button below and visit her page at Maryland Art Galleries.

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